Cycling, for avid cyclists, is more than just a sport or a hobby; it is a way of life. And if you have such a person within your circle, you’d know how they can have unusual habits and preferences — from obsessing about the weight of their bike to overly protecting their custom bike kit.

In this feature, we’re rounding up nine nice-to-know secrets that your cyclist friends might not tell you.

Their bike and gears are quite expensive

Believe it or not, cyclists can spend as much as $20,000 just to have their much-coveted bike, equipment, and custom bike kit — the set that can give them their ultimate performance.

They care a lot about the weight of their bike

A lighter weight enables a cyclist to ride longer and faster. This means two things — you can either opt for a lighter bike, or you yourself should shed off some weight. Many choose the first one because it’s easier and more effective.

They are fond of naming their bike

You’ve probably encountered someone who names their pets. Just like them, cyclists are also fond of naming their bikes. And the names they come up can be pretty sophisticated and creative.

When they get into an accident, their concern is their bike

It’s natural for a person to be concerned about themselves when they get into an accident — they want to be safe. But this story is often different when it comes to cyclists. The first thing you’d hear from them after a road mishap — How’s my bike?

They have an unusual set of wardrobe

From their bike shorts with built-in pads (aka chamois) to the leg warmers that look like they’ve come straight from an 80s aerobics class — cyclists often have a set of wardrobe atypically found among ordinary people. Plus, they also have jerseys that have long pockets from base up to the mid-back. You’d be surprised how diverse are the things that this compartment can hold — from bananas to full-sized water bottles.

They are keen on shaving their legs

Leg-shaving isn’t only for women or actors, it’s also a thing for cyclists. For them, having hairless legs offer quite a number of benefits — from aerodynamic properties to hygiene to plain aesthetics.

They have weird tan lines

As true-blue cyclers often go out, it’s inevitable for them to have tan lines that are, well, oddly placed — they can be typically found above the knees and elbows. If you’re a cycle who doesn’t want to have this skin concern, make sure you have sunscreen in your custom bike kit.

They are secretly proud of their “T-rex body”

Having a “T-rex” body figure refers to having tiny arms and huge legs, coupled with immense appetite. Active cyclers tend to develop this figure. And though you may tease your cyclist friend about this, he or she is secretly proud about it.

They fear about having the so-called “bonk”

Bonk is the term describing a state when a cyclist finishes a race or a lapse — he or she feels utterly down after coming from a series of adrenaline highs. Most cyclists want to avoid this nightmare, and they do so by taking in a steady amount of carbs and water.

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