After the controversy in the life of Old Trafford, the performance of the Alex Sensex against Miami’s Real Madrid has further evidence that they are ready for their first stage in Manchester United More Sports News.

Chile had a hand in both goals against the European champions, who had the opportunity to send the metropolitan cross-metropolitan mission to the Open Dermainan – before the second goal of the visit of the United States to be presented specially for Anderson Harrera.

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His work rate and effort in the second half, when his team’s colleagues started tire, he was only impressive. As Madrid collected the speed, he threw the snatch with a conspiracy run to overcome his interference.

Many players have been demonstrated on the American leg of UN Fairy Season tour. Andri Harrera, Juan Mama, Andreas Pereira a few to name. But during the two-week weekly reputation, Sunnis encouraged him above the head and shoulders.

After the new Premier League season with a 9-day tour and his exploitation in this summer World Cup, after returning to the club with key invaders, Sanchiz improved the importance of success in the early stages of the season.

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The Manchester United fan has waited for a long time to catch a glimpse of summer Fred.

He did not play a minute for Brazil in the World Cup, while the supporters were still in danger at the end of the time as they started their debut at the end of Liverpool’s drawing in 4-1-1 draw. .

If United fans did not please the news, Fred would make his debut for the club against Madrid, and then his performance will be performed.

Brazil has illegally struggled in the United Nations, but Fred appears to have settled in unemployment life in his new club. He was clean and clean in captivity, strengthened in defense and under pressure.

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In this regard, monitoring is being monitored by Saints, Mata, and Harrera, however, it is still to be seen that the former sign-in Donutsk man is answering the United Need for the Goldford Midfield. But as the first impression, Fred 67 minutes was wrong. In the first round of the United Nations’s first season, Jose Ms. Hanoi has not invited her exhibition in the non-functionality of the club in the transfer market.

Some people have accused the Portuguese that their excuses were in the beginning to move forward in each other’s campaign, but until the final sailor was in Miami, you could not help.

After the first half of the assurance of the assurance, the UN ignored a young and unexpected Madrid outfit, who was playing his first pre-session game.

Julian Lopettiewy was convinced that her bench would be exactly 10 o’clock to change the intervals, and it was not even more familiar with Gret Bull or Cream Bennema, she certainly Ask the United Nations more questions.

The question was questioned that if Lopetoi easily replaced the players with his team performance in his first game, why are they inevitable by Mourinho two years later on his fellow visit?

Yes, they won the game and are not hosting the players, but a United Nations Antique Club is in the media – this transition is in the market or by the academy.

Kelly Walker-Peter was one of the four toothmammers who had their place from the Sunday game against Barcelona, ​​but after league league battles against the champions after winning 1-0 against the Omanman. Was in position

This switch seemed to be tricky, because the 21-year-old defender was brilliantly demonstrated against a much more experienced AC Milan, and had an impact on her backwards.

At the beginning of a good tintum, within three minutes opening capitalism at the start of a ton of tonnes, crossing the good quality in the area, trapped his defense duties. Although the possibility of the attack became very high later, there were a few occasions where they threatened to protect AC Milan.

A team was full of young talent, Walter Peter glued – the owner of the ICC match-match is taking home and this season will hope to add his Premier League to this season.

It was the first performance of Solo to be the first and it was a shame that it was only 45 minutes to shine. Although Patrick Katon was unhappy with her chances, Sosso continued to provide cross-border and passed the box that she wanted to go home.

On four occasions in the early period, former Liverpool Winger produced moments of magic, and because of which he was a major reason for such attacks. She was transformed into the brake and AC Milan lacked creative spark that only saw a brief glow in the stage of death with Antonio two sets up.

He played in the Sri Lanka A Sri Sri Lanka game of three AC AC matches, and is based on his performance in the American Bank Stadium, he will play an important role in the next campaign.