Mumbai: Of course, of course, Mumtaz, the cricketer Warat Opoli has changed the Indian symbol, despite its steady and rating process in the cricket, despite the overall unfortunate and recognition, West Indies all round Davin Bravo On Monday he named him cricketers Ronaldo.

On the contrary to the Indian cricket team captain and incredible Portuguese football, the opinion of Barro’s opinion came on the spot to mark Mirath Kohli, with respect to the Indian captain.

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“Warriors really played with the game with more than 19 teens, with Darren Browo. I usually show that Darren is a decent person that she should move. I’m not saying that I From here, Veerat talked with his brother and about betting and cricket. ”

While performing on her new tune Run Run D World, Broo spotted her words on the occasion to praise Kohli; “When I see Warrior, I see the cricket team of Krakunno Ronaldo.

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This is the level in which he is. For me, cricket player to play against it, and sees playing when he talks to India or the RCB (Royal Challenges Bangalore) The one who has the honor, the sport and the one he plays, is encouraged and capable. He gets away from him! He receives each of the prizes he receives. Have been read more.”