Cristiano Ronaldo thanks Juventus fans for standing ovation following stunning bicycle kick goal for Real Madrid

Christopher Ronaldo thanked Jonathan’s fans, saying that after this amazing bike cake he was defeated by the real Madrid, who lead 3-0 to 3-0 in Serie A’s 3-0.

Ronaldo scored two times – in the first four minutes – sent to Palo Dubba to give a real 2-0 lead and Marshall took third part in the Russell Stadium.

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These three-day goals have actually started making a second leg in Bernabol in a acceptable position a week, yet it was the ninth goal of the Italians against Ronaldo – compared to some other clubs in Europe – which Last one after that last hour. “People obviously are discussing their second purpose …. this was a great goal, possibly my goal.” “It was one of the most enjoyable minutes.” The Johorus Stadium will be appreciated, where incredible football players have played such a big part, it’s a great minute for me.

“It’s something that remains in your heart … I have to thank each of the Italians who were in the stadium here and broke me.”

Like Ronaldo, it has been acknowledged that he was trying to score a goal as a “breathing time” because he organized his fourth and fourth goals of the Champions Association. Just out of a season out of the record of 17 left just five.

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“I once again scored for a national group with a bike kick, who posted and went in, it was something better yet read more.