There is a history of testing that has been continuing for more than a century, the journey in the longest form of this game is not easy. With the expansion of the game through small formats, the popularity of Test cricket is lower due to the interest shown by young viewers in the whiteball cricket. Even if England lost a match against India not so long ago, this sport is still very popular and the England team is hoping for a rematch to try to beat them in second try Play Online Slots.!

However, for any cricketer, the run-run or the selected wickets in the Test cricket is still worthwhile. If it was to be based on England and Test cricket in 1877, then in the next 141 years, ten teams are preparing to get the test status.

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On August 1, when England players take a field against India, it will be a privilege and honor because they will represent the  poems of the historic 1000th time in the white, and there are some predictions about team selection.


As a memory lane ride, we look at some of the memorable encounters that England have become part of their 1000st Test match.


In 1933 this was the way when cricket would have to compete in today’s day instead of playing more as a fun game. In one of the most important games in the series, it was Australia and England in the third match of the 1933-34 Ashes series, and the winner for that year was team from England. The first betting, the commander posted 341 after a decent contribution from the order. In response, Australia decided by New Zealand bowlers, Lereward and Allen to restrict them to only 222.

In the second innings, England scored all the guns and made 412 runs in which the team made 432. Australia was not just as brilliant, while Sri Lanka made 33 runs in the innings, which made 193 in the fourth innings. It was a great performance from the likes of Lauren and Allen, once again he put 4 boxes for one piece READ MORE.