Three times the Wimbledon singles champions Chris Everest Tests have hit anyone in the third Major of the year, which is in Dushanbe in London.

“Gas is the best level and with its great service, he will focus on something free.” Abbott identified him with William. “It’s far less demand than dirt and the field is completely open.”

Apart from this, Serena has really caught parents. I am surprised that he did not even leave the edge a bit.

“When I was my first child, I would not like to do anything. In any case, this is the serena and it works unbearable. In that case, when it is solid and focused, it is the way to its tournament. Can pay.

A debate that can betray him, the twice-won Peter Petraveau. After eighteen months of a terrible blade attack in Prague, at the last time the Czech comes closer to its best.

This year he has successfully succeeded for five years, including a hay lyrics in East Born a week ago.

Feeling curry “Caféva has got the best shape on the grass”. “She’s ever more scared than ever.” Like Sena and [Gabon] Mogozha, there is no claim for it. ”

Men’s field guarantees similar interest. It will be a long time to meet ‘heavy four’ for one year, and then Andy Murray joined Roger Federer, Rafi Nadal and Nikki Zakok.

Federer picked up Nadal to make Nadir run as the top choice for intervention, while compared to the spaniard, he did not get the quarter in comparison to 2011.

“The main person [as a threat] is Massa Zevevev, who is a diverse part of his service in the third round.

“In addition, at the distance of the nineteen, Nadal has got such a wonderful drive at his level. In other weeks, when things come back shortly, there will be signs of improving their difficulties.”

Indeed, as long as he does not believe that Jokkovic and Murray will return to their old hands, Macorro did not know what would happen during this two weeks.

“Jokkovic is guiding the right path. He becomes a part of his superiority. He was not physically good when he achieved his terrible results in Miami and Indian Wales.

“It is as if Wimbledon is not physically applying as a substitute slime.

“On the occasion that he stepped up and made a deep run, he would not get rid of me. Similarly, he would not leave me in the event that he was not yet.

“With Murdey’s respect, he closed the impression of great movement. As it might be that he is very scared and I do not know he is still ready to play seven of the seven matches. ”

Out of them, the effect of 2017 finalist Martin Clark was made, McNeiro chose his.

“In this incident I need to take a person, maybe he might be as soon as possible … then he has done Australia in the past half the year read more.”