The Holy Person was pushing on the edge of the edge of Patternburgh: Argentina. Nigeria changed the Hadith in another session and got the equality in Zent Arena on Tuesday. Lewis Lewis was fixing on the megalee Messi. The crosses were ignoring the principal markers and when one, Gonzo Hueven taught him 10 yards.

At that moment the clock was throwing fast, almost 35,000 blue and white fans had to face the movement. The sun was set in Saint Petersburg but was waiting for the light to be expected.

The right touch line catcher, Boka Junior, tried to get the opposite over Chris. After the failed attempts, Marpedo took it back, leaving Ponon looking for his back. Mando hit the nail in the 86th hit nail.

To be honest, none of the Stadiums Marcus Rojo was behind, left-handed Focus half, who returned to line up after a fun. When he bombed his right hand wheel, after taking some revenge, there was no reason for the Argentineans. He crushed the house, really, and closed the nighttime experience.

The Argentine captain was celebrated with a left foot who reacted to the amazing decates, he scored his first hand on his right hand. In his kitty, with a man of match foundation, Mass was prepared to face the world, clearly at least, free.

“Massa said,” I realized that God was with us and he did not give us an opportunity. “We used to make sure we won this diverse. This is to win this paradise with these lines, it is a pleasure that we are happy. We had experienced troubled days as a result of the previous results. Due to the amount, in the light of circumstances and in question. It was a huge substance for each of us.

“Fortunately, we can meet our target. We knew we would do that. We did not expect to bear more than that, but we believed that we would control.

The Chief Justice was immediately instant to acknowledge the help of fans at St. Petersburg and back home. “I thank everyone here, their penis and every one in Argentina, who is dependent on us. We are proud of each of us to wear this shirt.”

After this purpose, his festival demonstrated his help and punishment – he was walking towards the corner, bowed down, his hands were moving toward heaven, as he said, ‘I can contact God.

Rosa, who achieved the most important goal of his goals, “We need it, now the World Cup starts for us.” Massey advised people who never need to score any goal before this. The purpose is for my family and by collecting it for it should go to Argentina. ”

Merry George Sopopoli, who talked about the terrible reaction of his group after a trouble week, said: “With Leonel we share the concepts to meet the necessary things in Russia. Today, the players A difficult trouble to overcome a difficult problem, players played with heart and played a big deal of defense. It would strengthen the difficulties for the coming things. ”

After the pursuit of fear from the principal journey in the Spartic Moscow Stadium, Argentina allows them to call their convention and individual capabilities to fight against France. 1998 champions scored in a 16 non-present non-round move, compared to their South American resistance.

The event emphasized the Nigerians of John Obi Mikel, and after getting his position passed, the match got a peak.

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