The Hall has announced that in the six-year 2018 Hockey Hall of Fame class, NHL’s holiday boundary 60 years ago, Greet Beeton, has been a long-term New Jersey devil for a long time. The devils beat Battalderter Martin Bondur and Willy O’Ree.

Luckily, NHL Wing Martin St. Louis, Canadian women’s play Jina Hurover and Russian player Alexander Ekkov will accept the same. Acceptance is in November, in Toronto.

Batten, who is in the 25th season as the NHL assistant, will be accepted by Peter Raleel of the NFL as an active head in the game Hall of Fame. Rozelle entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. Despite the fact that there have been three lockouts under the supervision of Bettman, they have developed the attractive engagement. On the occasion when the Batsman accepted the position in 1993, the result of dividend income was $ 400 million. The expected earnings for the 2018-19 season are $ 4.54 billion. The group has prepared 24 to 31 groups in the Batman residential area.

Bradmore brought his first year’s ability. He is a wide-edge closure (125) and Hayne Wins (691) in NHL’s pearer – with Patrick Rai 551 near him. Stanley Cup winner Twadore, four-time visa championship, and five-day Jennings champion three times in New Jersey, won the championship to allow at least one goal in a season, and won two Olympic Gold Awards with Canada.

Brodor won the Calder Trophy in the 1993-94 season, and generally played 1,129 entertaining roles in more than 21 seasons in New York. Broadvard has played seven entertaining roles in his last season (2014-15-15) for St. Louis Blues. He is the general director of the right hand of the blues.

“I do not think you’ll ever be able to hear these words,” Brodor told the TSN selected. “This is an important respect.”

He added that “you do not want to see in the hall of fame”. “You are too long to play multi-day in NHL, and then you get a problem with a problem.”

It was a long-standing acceptance for O’Ree, which became the main black player in NHL when he was suitable for Boston bines in 1958. He was the only darkest player of the association until 1974.

O’Ree is eligible for the Hall of Fame after 1962. Their game space is more than two seasons in just 45 seasons. O’Ree, in any case, will be registered under the Developer Class. He cooled other dark players and worked hard with the NHL hockey, which is for every program, which promotes various types of integration and integration.

NHL’s O’Ree praised the 60th memorandum who broke the past ‘seasoning’ of shading, and also the Wali O’R. Community Hero Award honored his work. The late Hamamut Broncic Advisor, Drisson Hogan, was the first winner of the weekly NHL Awards.

St. Louis was not yet developed, yet 5 feet 8 has set a way to get rid of the development – which has tried to become a proliferation in the present NHL and slow developers. Saint Louis won the Art Ross Trophy three times in the Lady Ben Championship, St. Louis 2013, Harrphy helped in his sole Stanley Cup in Team BB Lightning in 2004. St. Louis’ 1,033 professionals pay attention to the 75th unusual spot. He won the team with Canada as well as the Olympic and World Cup Gold.

Asford, who did not ignore his wife in the first year of 2017, won four Olympic golden decoration for the team and won 43 titles as well as seven major shows and 49 in his global professional I will help Canada is the second driving score in the women’s hockey history.

Yakovskov, a nominated for the International Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003, is well-known for his game in the 1972 Summit. He helped Russia decorate two Olympic gold.

Daniel Alfredson passed for another row in a row. Alfreds was the first year of qualifications a year ago. Driving point driver scanners won the Stanley Cup during the scope and setting of the former Ottawa centers. Its 1,157 focuses on nominated rating 51. Elderson won the Olympic Gold with Sweden in 2006, and then won the calendar in 1996.

Other important names for remembering the kit for this current year are Jennifer Boutoullell, Road Briannour, Tie Folly, Kurtets Joseph, Kevin Louie, Boris Mikhailfev, Alexander Mogli, Chris Asgood, Jeremy Ranks, Keith Dukkuk, Perry Turban, Doug Wilson and Sergei Zubov. Tournament’s 1,327 professionals lead to highly qualified people in the Hall of Fame. She deserves 2010 read more.