Haseem Rehman Jri tells Sky Games about living his family name, anticipated the danger of Anthony Joshua and hopes to shock the heavy weight 

Rehman said, “There is something in the blood, there is something in my genes, there is something about me. I can not stay away from this game, I love it.” Your father’s concerns

Hammer Sprint, famously removed the boxing world from his axis, when left-hand linux Alex Lewis left his slogan in South Africa separately from his senses, and his world Heavyweight Authority stole wild events in the United States corner. Dedicated to

The new King’s power was overwhelmed by Lewis in a reminder, and though he would get the second version of the global crown, the execution of the former road from Baltimore saw enough to know his 62 warrior career that his son was financially But ask for a wage. .

And still the JRR will still be equipped with the glove, the leading trainer Emmanuel finds a guide from Steward, and with its biggest execution, many shots are most likely to avoid the risk of trading. The above Division has praised an unusual switch-style style. All

His grandfather has been approved, who now offers Haar Jar and younger sister brother Sharif, a young Cruiser White with their hard work advice, as they enter the early stages of their professional career.

Osama JR said that present presence of present fighters is such things that are compared to average fighters, and then things that champions. ”

“He is doing his best to catch me in the championship habits from the beginning of my and my brother Sharif. He is now trying his best to prepare for the championship level.”

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At the age of nine, Haseem Jar greeted the news of war with a fear of Rehman Lewis with an awesome feeling.

He said “As a child I already know, I know Linux is a man.”

“Now he was Anthony Joshua or Dony Welder. You know, he was actually bigger than these two, because it was just him. He did not share light with anyone.

“I was very scared. I did not want my father to fight. It was not that I did not think he could win, it was just that I was afraid. Hell, this is a dangerous war, this guy Is the best in the world. ”

But, with the name of ‘Rock’, the man will remain in this Carnival city for the fifth time.

Haider Jary, continuous motives for a son of a remarkable fighter, is constantly developed, and though he recognizes his name, 27-year-old eventually wants to add a legacy of his family boxing.

“It’s like that. He has earned that, stepped on the plate, he answered all the questions around the world.

“I am not going to introduce myself as a son. I am being introduced as an extraordinary young heavyweight in the division division. I like it.

“After anybody’s father did not ever become a huge weight champion in the world. To be a part of this date, I need my father. He did what he did before, and I followed him I am. ”

Another British fighter – in the form of Joshua – stands at the same time, Lewis’s 15-year-old time on his empowered career.

Small Rehman recognized the parallels made between the two champions.

It is obvious that Anthony Joshua and Linuxx Lewis want to see you as carbon copies. The Olympic Gold Midestast is seen in the UK with large machines.

He said that they are huge, tall people who are very good. They are knocking champions, and they look incredible. They feel that there is no way to kill them.

But the image of an unbelievable wing can be destroyed by the sole wing of the boxing ingredients, and Haseem Jerry believes he can achieve his own title, even if he expects his shoulder to increase Had to get loads.

“As soon as the Linux hit the destination, he knew [Heather Salim] two things. He knew he was going to get more money, and he knew he had a big target on his back.

“To achieve that opportunity for this and then to target, I am already fighting with the ammunition.

“I have always targeted me, it’s not new, I welcome it, and I’m just like the world as my grandfather did.”

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