Tehran (AFP) – Iran’s former Chief Minister Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Wednesday (April 18) that he will never use the use of tele-tech applications that apply mainly for mainstream information, but domestic administration Move instead.

President Hassan Rohani immediately stuck in such a stomach, informing him that he was also admitting television, after which lawmakers and organization experts were allowed to get the mandate out of illegal applications to get out of applications. Was released soon after issuing.

The announcements are that since the gas bits will soon peel on the telegraph, Russian Tech Master, Paul Dorof, and a large part of the country, usually worked with nearly 40 million customers, the most important central online networking management .

According to the safety of national interests and eliminating the applicable business patterns of the Telegraph Information System, this system will be prevented from this minute in that minute for protection and production developed by Grand Ayatollah Khamaniini. Khamenei’s telegram station.

These instructions are to make customers aware of the Iranian Information Administration, including Sorous and Gap, who are trying to push experts.

Rohani’s record said that President’s messages will go through “information about the use of our country”.

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Irina revealed that after starting with Vice President Ashsha Jahangiri and out service service Bahamur Ghali, Jordan closed the telephone accounts.

One week ago, Khamenei issued an announcement that any piece of online security has been termed “forbidden”, which means that they were religiously prohibited.

It was understood that efforts are being made to promote the use of residential applications, in which many Iranian experts will be examined by the Knowledge Administration.

The Khamenei station said that it was the main breakthrough to prevent its use from each of its “official bodies” away from Tel.

On Sunday, serving service was prohibited from using the online networking system outside of schools.

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Iranian Iranian specialists restricted telegram limited, which was accused of being allowed to illegally “counter-proliferation” gatherings.

In any case, the spiritual administration has pushed back against the efforts of square telegraph and other current administration, for example, the institute, saying that using the administration to the outside world and not many institutions Should be

Moderate law enforcement Abul Fazl Begubi said on Tuesday that “All Remote Information Administration” can be held on April 21, initially telegram may start.

Soroush cases over 5 million customers somewhere, while space is more than 1.3 million.

There was no word that the Khamenei office used five of his Twitter languages ​​in different languages, which has already existed, despite the presence of the administration for ordinary Iranians.

Despite this fact, despite using officially virtual private system (VPN) programming, Iran has failed to prevent both sides and Twitterers read more.