According to Italy’s Sky, Manchester United presented Barcelona with Barcelona 45 plus Barry Mina and Andrei Gomas.

According to news, this news has been reported that the Penguin’s Agent Menu Rawola tried to move Spanish Champions for the French midfielder More.

But the UN has no desire to participate with the Penguin, who has already trained after winning the World Cup with France.

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Even if the United Nations had to face the mind, the Premier League transition time is on Thursday, giving them only two days to secure the high-day alternatives.

The Spanish window does not stop until August 31, meaning that Barcelona is in the month to end the month to try and sign the pagans.

And Barka is probably hoping that the involvement of Mina can be found in his offer so that he should follow the agreement.

The old trafficfather club has allegedly been in the market for the central center this summer and is linked to many players, including 23-year-old Columbia International and Leicester defender Harry Meyer.

Gomas is a Portugal midfielder that has 29 caps attached to the West Ham transfer.

He moved from Valencia to Barcelona to 2016, but failed to save Beth-starting regular.