The SOSI Council has accused the Pancharth court that they allegedly lie in front of them in the court, and they have requested the judge to point to a recording in the DM District Court on Monday.

The recording reported that a witness told the inspectors that Mananov needs to be informed about the campaign expansion.

Mananov is now under the occupation of the house and now $ 10 million is unsecured protection. She hopes to get a trial in Virginia that is planned till the end of July and is a trial in DC starting in September. He has argued that his neutral allegations have been pointed out that they expose the work of their American campaign to the outside government and expose mistakes and other financial errors to bank.

Talking with a witness is a mistake in itself – and it is not an allegation yet.

The last trumpet war takes a lot of weight on the executive, which was charged with them, because they accuse it and say that during the 2016 presidential decree, about their convenience with Russia Investigations will continue.

Hockey’s overall action

At the end of February, new documents say, “Mananaf” has been known as D1 and D2 for two more mysterious people who may be witnesses against themselves for more than once. These two people have already tried hospitals and advertisements that Mananov engineed in America and Europe. The prosecutor said that with the help of late, testimonial testimony has been confirmed with their help.

Experts said Munanafov and a jointly jointly requested that two people believe that Ukraine’s campaign in Europe only happened in Europe, enough to get their stories in all agreements. It is being tried, because everyone knew that the Congress had campaigned Congress. Mananaf also used two people to influence the collective gathering of the previous European political paneers, which is being demanded to submit a hip-hop.

Two people already helped Mannov to organize the hockey gathering in connection with the US Congress, met with Congress and his staff, and distributed a comment in this hi-daily paper in Washington. The prosecutor has said, working with autonomous voices, who raised the government problems of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich. On Monday Night Documentation, prosecutors made a few messages and calendars from the people of the Congress in the United States of the Hockburg Friday meetings from 2011 to 2013.

Mananaf has clearly revealed another arrangement for criminal charges against the prosecutors in the DC, which has been prosecuted against two people after illegal contact. The charges were expelled out of blue, which hooked up hipsburg and tried it in America.

Similarly, on Saturday, February 23, Mananfaf’s long-standing applicant, Rick Gates, agreed on the charges of fraud and fraud and will cooperate with prosecutors.

WhatsApp Messages and Telephone Calls

Manannafir’s contacts with two potential witnesses made strong emphasis on telephone calls and instant messages via the Admin Voice app.

“This is Paul”, the institute is the instant message that the administration said.

At that time, two days later, he sent a news article about Hockeyb’s overall disclosure in his court case. “We should talk. I have made it clear that they work in Europe”.

He called Man D1 five times at the end of February.

The prosecutor said, individual D1 tried to maintain a strategic distance, despite hanging on one of them.

Another Manmohan partner, who has said prosecutors has said that other Mananaf related to Russia’s insight sent February 28 to reach “unexpected” guests. Individuals told the exams that “Happy! How are you doing?” Hopefully you are doing well “Emotional Symbol Manaforte Satisfaction, Individually Person as One, told the other potential witness on the occasion that the person D1 Need to contact “to shorten it about it.”

Comrade continued to spread Mannafov’s message, which was attempted to send a rabbit, which told Mannaf’s “sharp scope” that “our colleagues never campaigned in the United States.”

Documents said that the change in testimony is a mistake, and Mananuf’s defense arrangements carefully caution that the law should not be rely on the trial during the trial, prosecutors claim that they are “least confident Due to the embarrassment of stress, restricted restrictions have guaranteed Munanaf’s presence read more.