WhatsApp is amongst the widely used instant messengers across the world at the moment. The messenger allows users to exchange text, photos, videos, audios and much more. Moreover, the application allows making audio and video calls to individuals and groups. Though the instant messenger seems harmless, it holds several dangers for teenagers. The unsupervised and needless use of the messaging app can expose WhatsApp users to cyber-bullies, online child molesters, pedophiles, sex offenders and online criminals.

In this digital age, the parents are required to monitor the instant messaging apps of their children to prevent them from the threats of bullying and predation. There are monitoring apps that track social messengers to enable parents to keep an eye on the online and offline conversations of their children. However, picking up reliable tracking software to supervise the WhatsApp messenger user is the key. This article helps parents to pick up the most appropriate WhatsApp spy app to track your teens’ online activities.

Common Threats of WhatsApp Messenger

There are numerous risks attached to the unsupervised use of WhatsApp messenger. From sexting to online child predation and cyber-bullying, the instant messenger holds several risks for teens and tweens.


Sexting is becoming the common trend among teens and younger adults. They take the advantage of the instant messengers to exchange objectionable text messages and sexually explicit photos and videos.

Child Predation

The child predators are the adult social media users who pose to be teenagers. They use the social media apps to find and access their targets. They lure their target using sugary and flattery language and giving extraordinary attention. Gradually they start incorporating sexual stuff in their conversations and use instant media-file sharing features of instant messenger to send sexually explicit photos and videos related to child pornography. Once they successfully trap the target, they start exploiting her for sexual gain.


The WhatsApp messages can be used to harass, offend and humiliate the target. The persecutors use instant messenger to make calls to the bullied and make embarrassing posts on the profiles of the target.

WhatsApp Spy Software

There are numerous mobile phone spy apps that enable parents to track their kids’ activities. However, not every monitoring application allows tracking social media apps and instant messengers. TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app is amongst the few monitoring apps that allow tracking popular social messengers including WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp Spy Software Work?

Once you install the WhatsApp spy software on the mobile phone of your kid, you can remotely track and manage that mobile phone through the confidential spy account. The app accesses the phone data including messages, call logs, contacts and more and uploads to the online spyware account from where parents can monitor and download that data to transfer it to another device.

What can WhatsApp Spy Software Do?

The WhatsApp surveillance software can track every activity performed on the instant messenger including WhatsApp chat, call details and almost every action performed on the messenger.

Monitor WhatsApp messages

You can check out all the messages of your teens sent and received via instant messenger. The spyware syncs the WhatsApp messages stored on the monitored phone and transfer these messages to parents through the online spyware account. It includes the incoming and outgoing text messages, photos, videos, audios, emoticons, links and all WhatsApp stuff.

Monitor WhatsApp calls

The surveillance software lets you track the audio and video calls of your teens to ensure they are not in contact with the scoundrels. The surveillance app accesses the WhatsApp call logs to enable parents to get the VOIP call details of their children. It includes the incoming and outgoing calls, the time of the calls, and contact numbers of the callers and recipients. If you find frequent calls from some unknown numbers at an unexpected time, it can be a sign of something noticeable.

Track WhatsApp Activities with Screenshots  

TheOneSpy offers the high-tech feature of on-demand screenshots. It lets you capture every single action performed on the target mobile phone. You can monitor and record WhatsApp statuses, see friends lists, track group chats and almost every WhatsApp activity with on-demand or real-time screenshots. You can send a command through the online control panel of the tracking app to take screenshots of the target phone. Also, you can set the spy app to automatically capture screenshots every time your kid uses the WhatsApp messenger. The secretly taken screenshots get stored on the confidential spy account rather than the targeted phone memory.

The Bottom Line

While there are several tracking and monitoring software rightly available to keep the mobile phone of someone else under surveillance, TheOneSpy tracking app is found to be the most reliable and feature-rich application that also allows spying on social media apps and instant messengers. You can know more about the spy app and get the official WhatsApp spy app from this website.


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