Here in India usually patent is very frequently known as high profile activity that is issued whenever a fresh invention is discovered, or some novel includes a creative move, and in the capacity of the industrial application. Nevertheless, it is thought that patent is meant for scientists and researchers who tend not to be at all times true to innovative guts and creativity is inclined to be safeguarded in each by their experience.

A patent can be issued by the government in favour of an invention to an applicant, in this way he becomes the holder of a patent. This offers him with the territorial rights meant for a restricted span of time to deter others from importing, making, or using his invention with no permission or it is possible that the ownership rights are capable of exchanging inside the possessor’s territory. Moreover, the applicant possessing this right reveals the whole of the details regarding his invention with enough knowledge with the aim to make possible for an individual skilful in that specific art to produce the invention. Therefore it is vital to apply for patent in India. Here are enlisted several economic benefits of patent

Economical benefits

The patent registration in India is normally meant for the below-given categories.


The invention or creation must not be present within the past state-of-the-art pertaining to the particular area or field.


This invention must not tend to have been divulged in public, prior to submitting a patent application, any place around the globe.

Inventive step

This implies that the invention ought not to be clear or shall be expected by an individual skilful in that particular previous art.

Industrial use

It makes a standard wherein the invention must be of a nature that can be utilised within an industry, not relevant all through the board and must be completed to ahead of issuance of a patent.

Promoting innovation

Patents provide innovation draws via the proviso of restricted monopolies, reward given to inventors in connection to the time and effort invested by them as by making products, superior services and goods that fulfil the social needs. It as well makes possible for researchers to safeguard their intellectual asset and the likelihood of cashing their innovations that make a crucial element of the innovation process.

A possibility for monetary returns attaches an inducement to the rewards in favour of scientific technology and innovations like promotion and academic recognition taking in research institutes are facilitated by the patents. In the absence of such inducements, the private investors will be hesitant to make an investment that may, in addition, lead to great calls in case of a failure to build up and make the most of new technology.

Investment plus economic growth

Patent registration in India can assist a company to progress by cashing on the market potential of its inventions wherein small organisations may utilise patents to draw monetary backing. Furthermore, patents encourage the economic growth relating to the national industry because the local organisations that possess patents shall entice foreign investments and also build up products also meant for export use.