Want to know how to make your trade show exhibit rentals stand out from the others for a cheap low price? I know I always do 🙂 Just for fun, let’s make a simple mental exercise… Imagine you’re lost in a deep pitch dark forest in the wild and you can’t find your way out. Kind of eerie huh?

Think about all the evil trees just storming their dark branches reaching out at you in terror. (We will see what this madness has to do with trade show exhibit rentals in a moment) While fallen leaves rustle with the wind, everything seems very confusing and threatening in this unfamiliar forest.

You can’t help but close your eyes to kill the sight of the malign trees and their scary faces. Just when you’re about to close your eyes to escape from reality, you see a spark of hope. That is…, light!

Out of nowhere, a friendly firefly starts to glide around you in curiosity. Then another one appears. Then another and another! Irresistibly you decide to follow their path with hope to find the source of these light emanating creatures.

So, you follow the trail of light, and lo! You find the source of light! By now, you’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this crazy story and what it has to do with trade show exhibit rentals. Lights for your trade show booth can do wonders. LIGHTS! Get some lights for your trade show exhibit rental, and watch how lost and desperate attendees flock in masses to absorb some soothing light.

All right, maybe I’m exaggerating just a “little” here. The truth is, the lights themselves aren’t the reason why people will land on your trade show exhibit rentals. The reason they WILL approach you is that you broke their pattern in some unique way.

Just like I broke your pattern with this article maybe? I hope this way of creative thinking can get you out of the box and have you come up with brain-shocking ideas to get the most attention for your trade show exhibit rentals.