Extreme E aims to highlight climate change in five remote locations

Acclaimed Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey will head a team in Extreme E, the ‘environment-focused’ race series.

The 60-year-old will be the ‘lead visionary’ for the Veloce team when the series begins in February 2021.

Newey is Red Bull Racing’s chief technical officer, designing the cars that powered Sebastian Vettel to four F1 world titles between 2010 and 2013.

Extreme E will see 12 teams and drivers go head-to-head in fully-electric 4×4 SUV cars.

The series recently named Greenland as one of its five race locations.

Adrian Newey designed the Red Bull cars that helped Sebastian Vettel win four titles

Newey said: “The series is an exceptional platform for drawing attention to the Earth’s environmental challenges and driving change.”

The Englishman designed championship-winning cars for Williams and McLaren in the 1990s

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