As per Ayurveda pregnancy along with Ayurveda has to be the most enriching experiences in the life of a woman. This is a phase where each and every cell of a woman is transformed. Even ayurvedic medicines for postnatal care follows this mechanisms and sadly in the west women lack for a healthy experience in terms of pregnancy.

When pregnant a downward flow of energy termed as apana vata supports the development of the foetus. The moment a mother is balanced there is enough apana vata to play around. When a mother is stressed it requires the upward vata termed as prana vata to take a step ahead. If a mother does not feel the prana to enjoy a pregnancy this can leave them exhausted, tired and can pave way for postpartum depression.

In addition to ayurvedic post natal care there are some pregnancy strategies scripted. All of them go on to support the health and mental development of the baby. The onus is to keep the apna vata and prana in balance.

Savour your cravings

An important piece of advice is you eat what you naturally desire. Opt for a well-balanced diet including a combination of proteins, nutrients, veggies and healthy starch. Consider you are eating for a couple of persons, so you need to stick to a diet for a single person. You might be having unique cravings so honour them in moderation all the more so after the 4th month since the cravings you might be having will that be of the baby itself.

Balance Vata

One of the main points of consideration in pregnancy is to balance Vata proving energy of the nervous system. You can achieve this by opting for a plant based diet with lack of non-processed foods. Do not eat a lot of leftovers as this might end up damaging your system.

A combination of three tastes

During pregnancy there are three tastes that you need to enjoy, sweet, sour and salt. When you are pregnant the sweet taste should not be the focus as it is wholesome for the body. This includes rice, healthy form of starches like sweet potatoes and carrots. In your winter shopping list these products are over emphasized.

Practice the art of gentle exercise a day

One of the best ways is to walk for 30 minutes a day and practice the art of slow nasal breathing.


Once you touch the 8th month of pregnancy you need to take as much rest as possible. This poses to be a delicate time when the nutrient termed as ajas supporting the complexion, vitality and immunity passes on from the mother to the baby.

To conclude the most important aspect  of pregnancy is to be as happy in the best possible manner. The job of the partner is to keep the mother happy. At the same time the mother needs to practice the art of happiness. Some tips for the partner are they should avoid travelling, be in the home during the evenings.