Best DTH service provider in India

Are you confused about which DTH service provider you should go for ? Then, don’t worry about it, all your queries will be solved here.

We all know how television has involved in our daily lives specially with home makers, so here is the complete list of DTH providers, you should go for.

As the time is passing by the Television industry has also developed as so as the service providers. So, we have prepared here the complete list of best 7 DTH service providers in Lucknow.

List of best DTH Service Providers in India :

  1. Tata Sky :

The Tata Sky DTH service provider is launched in 2006, it is joint venture between TATA group and 20th century Fox. Due to its marketing strategy, this brand has made his coin in the business. Apart from providing HD Channels, the company has also launched their own channels for their users. The own launched channels ranges from fitness, comedy, educational content from kids to make up tutorial channels and lots more. Through these launches, Tata Sky delivers the best of the best services to their customers.

It provides over 600 varieties of channels with the presence of over 2 lakh towns and have connected over 17 millions homes with one service i.e. Tata Sky. Tata Sky has launched a new app with a concept that you can see any channels, in short, all the things you usually do with TV. You can get amazing deals, offers by using this Tata Sky coupon to avail the best discounts. The Tata Sky DTH service provides best 24×7 support, for the queries, complaints and that too in 14 languages. Hurry up , browse now!

  1. Airtel DTH service :

This DTH service is owned by Bharti Airtel, started its DTH service in 2008. It is known to be India’s one of the best DTH service providers. It has connected over 12.8 million people with one DTH services. The special thing about their service is that, it provides quite great offers and discounts on recharge of 3 to 6 months.

It provides high quality services, in North India, it offers 3 special offers, New Mega – 193 Channels, My Sports – 150 Channels, Value Sports Prime – 140 Channels.

It offers more than 383 channels including 25 HD channels. Airtel also provides a very special feature to their customers to record their favorite episodes and watch any time you want to PNAME COM FACEBOOK ORCA.

  1. Dish TV :

Dish TV is one of the largest DTH service providers in India, being launched in 2004, it has made its existence for the longest time in the market. It has been launched by Zee TV which is one of the oldest DTH provider in India. This DTH provides features like interactive TV, Child Lock, games, with the expansive range of channels like English, Hindi & regional language.

They have also made amazing combo packages like special deals & offers, which in a way attracts the customer to avail these super amazing offers at just very reasonable rates.

They have provided their services to more than 12 billion people across the country. Among other DTH service providers, Dish TV provides the most economical packages, that is why it has maintained its presence in the market.

  1. Reliance Digital TV:

Reliance launched its DTH services in the year 2008. Not only has the oldest DTH service provider in India, but also, it provided the best DTH services. The best thing about being the oldest and the most popular DTH service is that it has covered the channels like sports, kids, entertainment and many more in high quality.

The company provides the services in PAN India in different DH services packages. It offers a huge spectrum of channels in different languages with additional offers like pay per view movies, free internet games and many more…

  1. Videocon D2H :

This DTH service provided went PAN in 2010. This DTH has given customers to choose between SD channels & HD channels. It mainly focuses on how much they can make the channels affordable. The options for add ons in the package adds credibility to its services. Now this DTH service provider offers 650 Channels in total with amazing sound quality.

Videocon D2H offers 4 stages of set up boxes, exclusive kid’s channels, common antenna options for multiple connections, big discounts on long term connections & recharges.

Now Dish TV and Videocon D2H has combined their venture to provide best DTH services to India.

  1. Sun Direct :

Sun Direct is a chennai based company, launched its DTH service in 2007. The brand offers english , Hindi channels but the main focus of this brand is south indian language channels. Due to its language targeting strategy, it managed to provide the services to 10 million people.

  1. DD Free Dish :

This is the first free DTH launched in 2004, owned & operated by Prasar Bharti, it provide very less number of channels. As the name suggests, its free, means you don’t have to pay anything monthly. One has to pay only installation charges, after that no need to pay anything.

The offers includes, doordarshan, and some private channels like sports, music, entertainment, cinema, & health. The most amazing thing about this DTH is that, you just have to pay for installation charges, not after that.

Now a days, these DTH service providers comes up with apps, all you have to do is to download the app, and you are good to go to do anything you see TV. You can access your shows on your mobile, anyway in India.

As TV are the companions of many, and to celebrate the bond, we have here expressed the amazing list of best service providers in India. The name of the service providers mentioned above are experts in their field, but now the competition has increased a lot, so each service provider comes up with new and interesting offers to attract customers.

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