The Premier League may be in the middle of its season, but for the country’s driving supervisors, the Spring Spring will remain very little.

With the problems facing the bleeding edge of their brain in the 2018/19 season, they will have a couple of weeks leading forward, how to raise the previous war to plan and plan to plan Is.

This week, we will investigate that the best directors will think about it, while their players are on vacation or in the World Cup. Initially, Manchester United supervisor, Jose Moro is.

Although the rest of the Champions may be the best behind Manchester City, Mauro will find that the United Nations supporters will expect a far-off circle near that era.

What is the development?

The last season, the Manchester Union focuses on more, with its large number of goals and in comparison to at least 2016/17, the sixth-second jump in the class table and at the bottom of the Champions League Move forward During the first year in the Friday phase.

In any case, these realistic movements sit near the frustration at the unusual style as well as the unusual union under Moro Hanoo, and the jersey holes are opened between them and their neighbors Manchester City. Although Mourinho can ask him to be able to move back to the club, he has to work for sure and to do lots of work.

For example, youngsters, Marks Rossford and Scott Mc Tommy have demanded for their development, a month before Henry Moreno and the Times of Times’s main football writer, Henry Johnson, told that the multi-manager himself was told Players will have to work for their players’ arrangements. More than that

This can happen, Portuguese will not doubt it except that there is a need to move forward to solve the location of the exchange market.

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There are questions on focus – Eric Belly was missing in the last minute of the season, although Victor Lendelfev, who last weekend expensive, did not normally ignore the nail. Sponsor should be, with the change that started 33 years ago compared to both Wingers Anne Vallencia and Ashley Young.

Extra progress, Central Credentials retirement, possible flight flight of Marvin Felelini and non-wanted fate of Paul Pets are considered in the Middlefield, and the ideology of Anthony Marshall is to look at their other leisure time and to alternate Can search Alexa Sanchez.

How can he do this?

It looks like it’s captured in Old Town and another should be expensive – and a big group of players is tightly linked with the change in the UN.

Gerthe Bell considered that he could tell the Real Madrid delayed delay that he would need to take a seat with the club to talk about his future after the last heroes of his Champions League. Wales is associated with the advent of the Global Premier League and during the past two weeks, the United Nations has to face, and without it Mourinho attacks will have no doubt and the hunger fit for the club’s supporters. Hair will be sent.

It will be a block business deal, but Schwartz sources are close to Beckevo Dolt, behind Frederick Midfielder Fred and Porto.

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Brazil Fred, a Crate to Box Midfielder, associated with Manchester City in January, will strengthen the United Nations during the amusement center, while Portugal U21 dotts are on the right side, which is dangerous as Mattito Dermainen, can compete in Valencia. Is.

Genius’s Alexx Sandrobe focuses on the left-hand side, while Tothhamham Toby’s ultro -roid will focus on the advanced focus. Chelsea Weilen, another player going to London or Marshall or Juan Meta, further added that if Martial or Juan Mata returned, he was accepted to accept Scott Hamas’s Marco Arnotok scout as Austria beat Russia a week ago.

It’s as if it might be, it’s not just the faculty that will change this spring. While discussing the level and discussing who will not want to sign in exchange and window, hit Hanoi is caught to reopen his instruction staff. Rai Fariya for the long time, left the FA Cup after the last and Moro Hanoi advanced the UN U18s leader Crane McNenna to work with the main group.

The resignation of the Cork will become a part of the training staff, while working with them in Intel Mulan, along with Morao Hanoi, is considered to be a good care Stephen Rappi. Their development in Carnington will definitely feel the players read more.