For the main city title supporters, from an unusual mark for Col. Hudson Oda’s spark for Chelsea, community shield-talked points, where it won for the Sergio Aguero W Premier League Championship.


The city is hungry

Of course, it is wrong to read too much in the Community Shellal that players who run in the cycling terms still have their way without complete fitness and first-choice team co-workers. But one thing became clear on Sunday: this city team is still hungry for more success Read More.

Due to the passionate celebration of Agireau’s opener, Pep Gardalali, due to the fall of the elite gangsters, 3-0 deeply damaged the occasion, it was not a fair summer for the city’s manager.

Her wish was found by her team, who quickly saw her again on English football as fast, dominant and interested as she was riding 18 shots in the Chelsea Round.

John Stones, who stirred brilliant Bernardo Sulva and Riaz Mahra, was after the Central Tournament, and later, after defending midfield, the city was splendid throughout the pitch.

This is an extraordinary mark for other sides with the wishes of titles. This season is a very impressive campaign to end this season over the city.