AFP got the fan with a fan because he stepped down the mountain on the move of a group after the 17th phase, faced Fahom and his defender crash.

Froom, who wore his pile coat on his team Sky Pack, after that his bicycle was followed by an unmanned shoot before it stopped.

Looking at the British fans, seeing the promo, got out of the floor and used to run as ‘f ** k you’ because he took his hands in the face of Paul. The tour is far away from the scene on this occasion.

After seeing Valenman already presented the Ferroom Team Sky Authority after touring the 17th Tour Tournament in France.

The champion-shaped champion reached France to find a fifth-torn crown and an extraordinary gear tour in France, but in the last two kilometers the two seemed to be foggy at two kilometers in the last two kilometers, for all Thomas.

“It was a very day, an extraordinary day, yet I do not have any other idea,” Ferroro said. “G” has announced this astounding race, it should be yellow and crosses the fingers and remains up to Paris. ”

Beginning at the 65-kilometer phase of the Columbus Summit Bagneres-du-Luchon, it was dangerous to start at the summit, although despite the best efforts of the beginning of creative F1-style elasticity, it was not spring to the last climbing

Nair Kotana won the stage in front of Irishman Dan Martin, while Thomas got his power for yellow, because he lasted the last two hundred Tome Domoline and Pimozero Rosen, out of 4 seconds and four times awards reward I left four seconds. .

Thomas currently leads a team of seconds and team dominated by Tom Dumulin for 59 seconds, Froom falls down for a third, two minutes and more than a second 48 seconds after rotating.

He may be a protective champion, however, however, Ferroom will now be in Thomas’s administration for everything that comes out of the tour.

He said “This is racing cycling, it’s a group about which,” he said. “I just want to stay at the place I am. I’ve won the last three grand tour at this time. It’s been a major development for me, however, despite this I still fight for the war. The plate and clearly we need to see the yellow in yellow. ”

On the occasion that there was no uncertainty from Froom, Thomas revealed that he allowed them to know through Group Radio that he was fighting, to give Thomas Permit after Domoline and Roggle.

Thomas said, “Froomey told the radio that he could not feel super to go for four or five kilometers, and he assured me.” “Since the flame survived, everything could have been cautious. And what else, I was resting comfortably.

“Clearly, I did not need the awesome day, as he did. He just assured me that he was fighting some part of his height.”

There is no risk of incredible connection between Froome and Sir Bradley Wiggins during the last success in the 2012 Tour Tour.

Thomas said, “We’ve recently been transparent with each other.” “It’s hard to accept that after potentially talking with her and the community. In any case, we are really great friends and are real and open. I feel that in our tour so far our prosperity The main explanation behind.

Domolon still hesitated to try to attack herself very much, who is Garry De Italy in her legs like Froom, she admitted that she could not continue.

“I was far more than Thomas and I need to manage it.”

“I noticed that Froome was in trouble yet I did not know if it was a weak, I took a little bit of part with my assault. I went and I still tried to have Thomas and Roggle with me. Are not.”

Coppana emphasized two major mechanical issues that his appearance was successful, and the win saw the general arrangements to pull it out, now be behind 30 seconds in five minutes.

Misterist Rider attacked a speed of 16 kilometers because he took one step after walking by Martin, despite the fact he quickly dismissed the United Arab Emirates’s team, Amsterdam Rider, who made them homeless. Allowed to sit

Froome was not just one to break until the AG2R La Mondiale Romain Bardet and Quintana’s partner Michael Minda fell in the same way.

Another loss in the day was the pregnant Peter Sagan, who spread a lot of risk from the Columns de Val Loorone Azt.

Bour – Horner Rider has generally described this episode in vivid mold that before its verdict on its race, Paris needs to be influenced by a 6-year-old green shirt confirming that.

Slovakia said, “I passed in the jungle and I killed my ass.” “For any doubt I’ve damaged it yet it can be more awesome read more.