In the tournament Bridge, the UK cited an eight wicket victory by pointing out the first day in the globe by the Indian side and the secret turn of Kolkata Yadav.

In this tour, after running with Bristol 137, with his 20-ton tournament unbeaten.

Previously, the host had left at the start of second class, as well as in the same place where they recorded a record 481 worldwide worldwide a month ago, and after 10 overs, there was 71-0 in the season of Colledep after 10 overs. .

This could be as such, left wrist spinner got three wickets in his two overs, and returned to guarantee the crucial score for Jose Butler (53) and Ben Stokes (50). After the match England was rebuilt again. Angle with the fifth wicket of 93 runs.

In response, India toured his goal with 59 balls – Sharma, leaving Jesen Rai, left for 92 runs, and Commander Virat Kohli (75) Chancellor hit the taste.

Eun Morgan said that if the decision was given, England would like to pursue it, England is worried about setting up a score, Australia has been shot for the record, which only three weeks in their final tent Bridge to the bridge

Rio and Junie Beerstwo were not fortunately allowed to finish, Ravi made a wide range of widespread widespread masses throwing Kohli on the first ball, and Umar Yadav’s LLB application in praise of Baresto. Not done On.

However, after those early Delhis, England’s Openers shot their way through more than 10 power plants on their way.

In the total round of Kaledip’s presentation, in any case, a wicket was obtained within two balls, covering Rio (38) around the ground. Root (3) and Beeristo (38) in their next match, did not ignore the two players of the LWW as a spinner. He rooted in Robots and Beerstone leg breaks.

Last time kulyp left to catch fine sm Dhoni for the catch by Bollywood as England, and Stokes left to deal with the confusion holding robot – like Indian star spinner five David Wally (1) beat wickets in the dark medieval.

Cricket – England v India – First One Day International – Trent Bridge, Nottingham, Britain – July 12, 2018 India’s Rohit Sharma in action Action Images via Reuters/Peter Cziborra

Mohan Ali (23 to 24) and Adil Rashid (22 runs) took 16 runs to retain his ages. Full 50 overs

Shakeel Dharma stopped India to start, a 27 ball was struggling at a level of several boundaries due to eight boundaries in 40 when looking for a hacker mortar (1-60) lead edge, Rashid Only current reverse point about sending thick outer edge.

On the fall of Dhoni, India has made eight runs for 59 runs, and Sharma and Kohli scored his goal from there well, the main mistake of Kohli’s wicket – the spectacular Buttra Rashid (1-62) .

After that, Sharma scored one over in his eighth overs and scored his second six in the second innings, with his second six wickets in Rawalpindi against England read more.