It took Hero four years to put the Xtreme 200R into production. A case of too little, too late, or does it really pack something special?

There was a time, not too long ago, when we’d call a 150 – 200cc bike ‘sporty and powerful’. But in the last three years or so the notion has changed drastically, as these bikes have become a default choice for urban commuters rather than boy racers. Look at it this way – earlier it used to be just about fuel efficiency, but now customers are happy to trade a few drops of petrol for a bit of fun and performance. Which is why you have so many motorcycles in the premium commuter segment now. The latest product to join the fray is Hero’s all new Xtreme 200R. Sure, it has taken them a long, long time to put it into production, but let’s not forget that it’s from the stable of the country’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer.

Hero unveiled the Xtreme 200R earlier this year, which will hit the showrooms in a couple of weeks. However, before that, Hero invited us to take it for a spin at the Buddh International Circuit. Quite optimistic of the company to call us there, but the ride experience was far from a foregone conclusion, as you’ll find out in the report below…

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