Usman Khawaja (67*) and captain Tim Paine (37*) baffled the Indian bowlers as Australia commanded the morning session on Day 4 of the second Test in Perth. Khawaja and Paine hung together a strong 70-run organization for the fifth wicket taking Australia’s aggregate to 190 for four. The hosts likewise stretched out their lead to 233 keeps running in the second innings. Continuing on 132 for four, the hosts scored just 58 keeps running in the whole session at 1.93 runs per over yet guaranteed that the Indian bowlers tasted no achievement. The couple played a guarded diversion, just striking three limits in 30 overs of play. Khawaja indicated incredible persistence against the Indian pacers leaving nearly everything outside the line of the off stump. The 31-year-old in the process got to his fourteenth 50 years off 155 balls while captain Paine was batting on 37 off 113 balls. For India, bowlers drudged hard yet were not ready to give any leaps forward. Captain Virat Kohli and his pace group of four took a stab at everything except for were not ready to deal with any achievement.

Live Score Updates Between India versus Australia, second Test, Day 4 Straight From Perth.

Lunch, Day 4 – Australia 190 for four. Lead India by 233 keeps running in the second innings.

09:53 IST: Ishant Sharma finishes the last over before lunch. Only one keep running from it. Usman Khawaja stays unbeaten on 67 nearby captain Tim Paine, who is batting on 37.

09:43 IST: FOUR! Wonderful cover drive from Tim Paine. Wide conveyance outside off stump from Hanuma Vihari and Paine times the ball to flawlessness. Australia hoping to score some snappy keeps running here. They currently lead India by 231 keeps running in the second innings.

09:34 IST: FOUR! Short and wide outside off stump from Mohammed Shami and Tim Paine times the ball perfectly to gather four runs. This is just the second limit of the morning session. Poor conveyance from Shami and Paine benefits as much as possible from it. AUS 181-4 after 72.5 overs. Lead India by 224 keeps running in the second innings.

09:30 IST: Tight over from Hanuma Vihari arrives at an end. Three keeps running from it. Vihari has rocked the bowling alley nicely against Usman Khawaja and Tim Paine however has not looked compromising. Both the Australian batsmen have played dependably against the off spinner.

09:22 IST: 50-run association comes up between Usman Khawaja and Tim Paine. Khawaja hits the ball on the off side for a solitary and 50-run organization comes up between the two out of 177 balls.

09:21 IST: Maiden! Another tight over from Jasprit Bumrah. Hanuma Vihari will proceed from the opposite end. Australia going solid right now.

09:13 IST: Appeal for lbw! Splendid yorker from Jasprit Bumrah yet there was huge inside edge off Tim Paine’s bat. 142 km/hr conveyance with astounding precision. Jasprit Bumrah has been awesome with his yorkers.

09:11 IST: Tidy begin from Hanuma Vihari. Only two keeps running from his first finished. Another knocking down some pins change for India. Jasprit Bumrah returns to supplant Umesh Yadav.

09:08 IST: Bowling change for India! Spinner comes in out of the blue on Day 4. Hanuma Vihari replaces Ishant Sharma.

09:03 IST: 50 for Usman Khawaja! This has been a splendid thump from the left-hander under strain. After the loss of three speedy wickets Khawaja has batted perfectly close by captain Tim Paine. Scores his fourteenth 50 years in Test cricket. Clasps the ball on the leg side and takes three runs. Australia presently lead India by 200 keeps running in the second innings. AUS 157-4 after 64 overs.

08:48 IST: Drinks break – First hour of the morning session has reached an end and it has been a moderate begin for Australia on Day 4. They have scored just 19 keeps running in 13 overs. Both Usman Khawaja (48) and Tim Paine (19) have been extremely mindful against the Indian pacers.

08:45 IST: Usman Khawaja takes a brisk single and 150 comes up for Australia in 60.4 overs. They currently lead India by 193 keeps running in the second innings.

08:41 IST: That one kept extremely low however Tim Paine gets his bat down in time. The pitch is getting extremely hard to bat on. Not a decent sign for the Indian batsmen. They need to bat toward the end in this Test.

08:38 IST: Interesting field change from India! Leg slip has now come in for Tim Paine. Ishant now has two slips, a ravine and a leg slip in position now for the Australian captain. AUS 147-4 after 59.3 overs.

08:33 IST: It has been a moderate begin for Australia on Day 4. Usman Khawaja and Tim Paine have just scored 12 keeps running over the most recent 45 minutes. Clean over from Ishant Sharma arrives at an end.

08:28 IST: Double knocking down some pins change for India! Ishant Sharma now replaces Mohammed Shami at the opposite end. First over from Umesh Yadav was a clean one. Only one keep running from it. AUS 143-4 after 57 overs.

08:24 IST: Change in knocking down some pins for India! Umesh Yadav comes in to supplant Jasprit Bumrah.

08:23 IST: Another clean over from Mohammed Shami arrives at an end. After three consecutive ladies, Shami this time yields only two keeps running in his fourth finished. AUS 142-4 after 56 overs.

08:16 IST: That was close! It would have been out if Jasprit Bumrah’s toss was on target. Usman Khawaja goes for a speedy single yet that was a blunder in judgment. Bumrah in his finish grabs the ball however neglects to hit the stumps at the non striker’s end.

08:15 IST: Beaten! Another play and miss from Usman Khawaja. Jasprit Bumrah has been astounding with his line and length at the beginning of today.

08:09 IST: The last conveyance from Jasprit Bumrah kept somewhat low. The pitch is hinting at variable ricochet. Australia right now have lead of 182 runs. Both Usman Khawaja and Tim Paine have been exceptionally mindful toward the begin on Day 4. AUS 139-4 after 53 overs.

08:05 IST: Maiden! Another tight over from Mohammed Shami arrives at an end. Shami has been extremely taught toward the beginning of today. Jasprit Bumrah will proceed from the opposite end.

08:01 IST: FOUR! That was a decent conveyance from Jasprit Bumrah. Takes the outside edge of Tim Paine’s bat however doesn’t convey to slips. Experiences between the second slip and chasm defender and rushes to the fence. AUS 138-4 after 51 overs.

07:57 IST: Maiden! Brilliant begin from Mohammed Shami. All the six conveyances were simply outside the line of the off stump. Usman Khawaja calmly arranges them.

07:53 IST: Tight begin from Jasprit Bumrah. Three keeps running from his first finished. Mohammed Shami will impart the ball to Bumrah from the opposite end. AUS 134-4 after 49 overs.

07:49 IST: Runs straightaway for Australia! Tim Paine pushes the ball towards additional cover and takes an agreeable single.

07:48 IST: Usman Khawaja (41*) and Tim Paine (8*) are out in the center to begin Day 4 for Australia. Jasprit Bumrah will begin the procedures for India.

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