Challenges XI Punjab has defeated Champions Super Kings after which four runs runs on Sunday after being played in the South African Premier League Premier League (IPL). He sat down and Punjab dropped his strong start, but he felt how to post a 197/7 testing collection. In response, Chennai players got it.

 Apart from Ambati Rayudu (49) and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (out of 79), no other betting before Punjab balls was accepted and economicly lost. Shane Watson (11), Murli Vijay (12), Sam Bubbles (9) and Randandar Jadja (19) won the greatest importance in the form of big names. By the end, Dhoni tried to pull things without any help, but his 44 balls unbelievable innings became incredible. Andrew Tie got two wickets for Punjab.

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Earlier, King EI Punjab ignored the potentially beneficial flight from Openers Chris Wetey and Lucknow Rahul, and according to 97/7.

Rahul (37 runs in 37 balls) and Usara (on 33 balls in 63 balls) made the hosts a powerful start, scoring 96 runs in eight overs. It could be this way that after the wicket, no other batsman exploited it and did not ignore the score runs, because Chennai’s bowlers bowled in the innings.

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Rahul scored 96 runs while 96 runs were made in the innings. After another run, Gully retraced, and on the eleven runs, Shane Watson beat patients. The West Indies arm sprinkled seven boundaries and four bars.

Myanmar Agarwal (30) and Yuvraj Singh (20) tried to sign a speed on both the players after the opening start. Aaron Finch was out on a wonderful duck.

Krone Nair (29) and captain Ravindran Ashwin (14) scored 200 runs despite attempting to raise the groups overall and left in a constant development.

For Chennai, Shahid Thakur and Imran Tahir got two wickets read more sotry.