Haierabad: Royal Challenges Bangalore can be batting that some Hyderabad Hyderabad is being beaten, once again to easily score a low score and in this process Rajiv Gandhi International lacks five runs Stadium Here on Monday night. Win originally saved a sports cart for the SRH.

After getting out of the bowling street for an unbearable 146, the hosts looked badly because RC captain captain Virat Kohli refused to escape. The captain scored two fours and one six left-handed Shakib Al Hasan with 47 wickets. It may be like Bangladesh’s bowler had last chocolate because Kohli (39, 30b, 5×4, 1×6) got Yusuf Putin in a short third person.

This basin establishes broom between pigeons as the RBC completely lost the plot. The batsmen saw confusion against Leone Spinner Rashid Khan. The stomach muscles were ruled by the Deerers (5) Rashid and Mu’minin Ali (10) was found by the ritual of Rama Almighty Sarah and passing through a loud voice in the guest barrel.

Mandeep Singh (21 runs) and Collin de Grandmom (33) have kept RCB in the chase with 57-wicket stand, but still the SRH bowlers figured out how to retain huge weapons. . RCC damaged 141 runs.

Earlier, captain Kenny Williamson (56, 39b, 4×4, 2×6) once again withdrew his innings with his fifth 50 years. While a large part of the other batsmen was fought, Williamson had to take care of the business because he touched all the parts of the ball.

Kohli edited it and before the host sons had no room for the first time. This sensational batsman has not stood up this season, and does not weigh heavily on the RCB captain’s brain than that. Team South informed Alex Heels (5) to host host hosts in the third match.

Despite this, Williamson had no mental power to arbitrate when he started strong but defeated Dhoni (13) put on the fight and he prevented the host from removing runs. Sagej finished the innings, after which he got Sri Lanka in the fine leg fence.

LeoneSpinner Javier Chernell and off spinner Murren Ali scored the speed of senses because Bismillah could not take the business ball into the hole. Weights and boxes became weight based on the arms. Munesh Pandey (5) Due to absence of a lot of associations, seriously 61 runs were made for three people.

Shakib and Williamson tried to fix the loss of fourth wicket with 64 runs remaining. Al Hasan (35, 32b, 5×4) separated LL from two boundaries in two boundaries, and Williamson took it from that time. Earlier six wickets of the innings got four wickets. Williamson killed Lazarus Aachaz Yadav, who was in any way revenge when he got the SRH captain from the Mandi Singh in the sixth minute read more.