Liverpool Manager Jaguin Clip insisted that the last season’s Champions League has not defeated the final medal in the Real Madrid.

Liverpool won the finals final in the exhibition finals from Porto, Manchester City and Roma, which lost 3-1 Madrid in the exhibition.

The club has launched a new campaign on Tuesday night, Paris Saint Greerman, and the club says that he will be executed from his heart disease in the club.

When asked when the club was killed when Rail Madrid was defeated, the club said: “No harm, no, not at all.

“I think we respect very much from the way of the last season and I think the final watcher used to see everything we could win against each other at a very different moment.

“Those who we saw the game. They saw the city, they saw the room, they saw Puerto. They watched many games that we had very well guessed. There was a lot of respect.

“It’s a good experience, it’s a good monument, but it’s sure it will help us at this time, all of this, but finally we have to start a new experiment – using experiment but not convinced.

“The best experience is when you are experimenting, you use your new knowledge and start again – like a virgin if you want.”

Three in front of Lispol, Roberto Firmo and Serima Man have gained 99 bullets from the beginning of the last season – together with Parker’s Princess Nailmer, Carlion Mbappe and Edinson, a figure.

Klopp Accepts Paris Saint Germain is an impressive assault unit, but says he will not change any of his players.

Klopp said, “I love my players, I will not change them all, but I see Paris, I last year and I see them these years, and it’s impressive.”

“They are good, really good, not only for Paris but also to Cylinder Mbappe, who played the World Cup.

“And the sun knows all of us about their quality. (Angel) Diana Maria, probably she did not have England’s best time, but the rest of her career was outstanding. Kanyi also scored a good score.

“In preparation I have to make sure we know about it. I know we are very good but we have to respect them without fearing them read more.