Manchester City defeated Sussia City 5-0 by no one was worthless for the championship.Manchester City estimates their first match as they confirmed Premier League champions, because Rahe Sterling and Kevin De Berne left at Swiss City 5-0.

Officially covered the title, Sunday was Sunday as a potential issue for the City in the Etihad Stadium, although the men of the pap Guardiola saw an expert show of his sharp battle, direct form to Swania. Separated

Despite the fact that the late 2-0 lead against Manchester United was not seen late, South never saw another kind of victory against Sansia.

Sterling assumed an important part in the two initial goals, before the network was able to establish David Sulva’s opener before finding the net for long, because the city itself itself after just 16 minutes. give.

Swania first of all assumed that things could be kept well to maintain the city’s growth, yet at the time of second time in the second half of the hosts, the host hosts the third number of hosts.

Bernardo Sulva changed shortly, when Gabriel left a penalty, Solomon’s city allowed Benamen Mandy to come late seven months after the knee loss, and then elephant disappointed her. Due to conflict.

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Any investigation on possible society society was rapidly and responded insistently.

The cities are open to start with their guests, as they were temporarily tested before the sterling on the left half of the area, and despite the fact that their first time cut by Alfred Mawson Was gone, David Silva jump and rifle in the base right corner.

Similarly, Sulaiman asserted the second part of the fact that after removing Felen Delph behind Kelly Ann Harton, making this sterling easy-to-use for solving this material by tearing this city.

For the host to force for a long time after their second purpose, Lucas Fabseyci still needs to take care of the business to deny De Brian in the 33th minute, on the right side of the left alone The corner to keep the base drive.

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De Brucein was first weaker in the second decade, cutting from left to side and affecting the right foot in bushes by side.

In any case, he searched for nine minutes after restarting, put the city 3-0 in the magnificent mold, because he released a hard 30-yards drive on which the upper left corner was found.

In addition, after 10 minutes the city Fedrocci after the death of a couple of days after the solid death of Jesus’ death sentence, Federico de Francesis put sterling in the area.

Gordillo presented Mandy for 15 minutes from his first appearance, because Flat’s most important croatuit was cool in September.

The second alternative, Yia Tour, asserted a large part in the fifth part of the city, in which the head of the Fibsecci offered some kind of repetition for the remembrance of his previous sentence by cutting the ball in the catech for Jesus read more.