‘Gregory’ is a major influence on Fred Squad, but the UN never wanted

According to Scan sources, Manchester Union officials do not believe that Jorge Moreno will face the ‘Third Season Syndrome’ and they believe that he is a team to challenge the team’s title Premier League.

Portuguese soon left his first sheet in Chelsea shortly after his fourth season in the club, before a three-year stunts in Real Madrid before being a two-year-old resort to Intel Milan.

Chelsea left the Premier League and League Cup trophies before returning to Stadiumford Bird for the second time in the club for his third season, in the 16 games, after the lower part of the nine blues in the division blues With 16.


Monroe Hanoi won the Europa League and League Cup in its first round in Manchester United, and the second success in the Premier League was the second success after Manchester City, while Chelsea lost the FA Cup final, but the owner of the club There is nothing about potential obstacles. In his third year at Old Town.

The UN believes that there is a difference in the differences that Mourinho is behind the winning titles in Real Madrid and Chelsea before their respective tours.

Indeed, it is believed that the mood in the club is very good and the United States feels that this year has their ability to challenge Premier League titles.

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They believe that chemistry is good in the team and it is clear to see the results under Mourinho resulting in performance and conditions in the year’s anniversary.

It looks great inside the team at the moment Fred, the Brazilian Midfielder, who has been in the summer, has been helped, because they have been seen due to Gurgaari and going out and for training. It has a great effect.

25 years old was one of the three seats in the old turf in the summer this summer, and, as long as the Central Defender’s UN pursued the UN, it is believed that the club did not initially indicate the need for the new center. Was it Their plan for migration window.

However, Rachel Valen had developed unified organisms to pay 100 million pounds on the Refinine Warren land, which was ready to sell Real Madrid. The United States wanted to sign Harbor Miguel but Lisaster was not ready to do business.

Erri Manna, who was eventually joined to Barcelona from Everest, was not already considered better than books on the United Nations, issues with potential agent fee and further complicating any proposed agreement.

Tobi was not animated to sign out of the fluoride because his scouting reports have indicated that he works well in the defense of three men, but Tothham had expressed interest in taking some united players in northern London.

Diego Gooden was an alternative, but this move was never even viable, while Jeremy Booting was also associated with the club, but figures were not correct for the union with their recent injuries.

The feeling of this feeling is that the United Nations fingers were not allowed from Bastin Manich to be the choice of Bastin Schweinsteiger and Owen Hargreaves and the last third time.read more