Pakistan raised a psychiatric priority in Australia by hiring a Haroon Finch Group against Australia as a garment for the Sunday Twenty20 Tournament in Harear Support Club on the last day.

After the winner was able to win the winner, the final was able to shoot the final shots in the finals, after finishing the innings shortly in the final with the new ball, Australia made his first visit to Sri Lanka. Beat it The high score of the match. On the occasion Fahim Ashraf and 18-year-old left-handed Shahid Afridi were initially wicketed for the last ball.

Australia scored 75 runs as low scored, Australia did not look forward to its goals, however, Vatican and bad habit captain Alex Carry requested another complicated innings. Pakistan’s victory also prevented Australia from getting its place on the most of the ICC’s T20 global rankings.

Both sides had officially billed the bill in the last round of the Sunday competition, in turn, it is mainly an opportunity to figure out the figures and mental levels. Australia retained a similar membership that decided to win the match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe to become the main group. Pakistan included Young Afridi for his second T20I, instead of Hassan Afridi, while Usman Khan came to Mohammad Nawaz.

On a cool morning in Harry, Cat Stanley has ignored the initial crumple type that he was in a toe match. While JR Richardson got happiness in the kind of fortune that Harris Saul cut on the square leg to take his first duck to a great duck, Pakistan’s biggest application could eat liberal aid of short things.

Pride was a major recipient, three boundaries and three tons of roofs, but in the transit, it has the highest score of 2020 professionals ever. He is Pakistan’s driving runner in this competition, and has to be careful about his careful incredible. Australia’s pacemen and advisor in front of the decision.

He scored 80 runs in the first over, who had already restricted Hussein Talal to the room by the Galaxy Maxwell office and dropped some pins, and since then the development of smart organizations was guaranteed that Finch Run run rate was not limited to. The bowling street of Asht’s fire was given a particularly significant loss, while the last 18-year-old Benazir Haunted Tie is already going through unusual figures.

Need a quick start, which he was facing, Finch and D’Arcy’s short blow was made to blow the instant men to Pakistan apart from hair balls significantly and resulting in the development of the surrounding surrounding And ignore both. Afridi was directed by Afridi for which he was prevented from returning.

Maxwell trapped before Afridi Stump and before having a squad with Nick Murren’s innings – who could not squeeze the squad with the New South Wales, before being played near Angle with some boundaries. Decided to deal. The first eight balls he surrounded by Shadab Khan, and he stolen easily.

Shortly the ball was progressed without intensifying any thing in which he was capable, even though he was well and really hit by Harry Afridi, before bowling bidding After reaching Eli Shiken. From then on, it was usually a matter of disadvantages for Australia, because Kerry threw the ball with such a trick, which is rapidly turning into its trademark and eliminates the everlasting goal. Do not have to

Pakistan will go ahead with a lot of confidence, while Australia needs to face Zimbabwe before restoring their way to deal with anything that has left Australia, proud of the Afridi and Sarfraz read more story.