To play with everything, Rafael Nadal performed his last best. World No.1 yet demonstrated another ruthlessness to launch with the title Roland Gares on Sunday.

Nadal defeated the coat de motors on the extraordinary 11th time for two hours and 42 minutes Dominican Tim 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. Spencard has survived his top-level championship opportunity, and there was no exception on the matter of the court of the Flipchair Sunday afternoon.

Nadal said “The opportunity to come back and win in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Rome, and now here, especially here, is very emotional.” “It was a very special moment and was well received, which would help me with a moment of moment or two minutes. It was difficult to explain that. It was very emotional for me.

“What really matters for me is this trophy with me. It means a lot. As everybody knows, for me, the most important tournament is the year, but I’m always saying the same. Tennis is just Grand Salem There are many more tournaments, which are very important tournaments, which means a lot, for me. But it is obvious that Roland Garris is always in the calendar and a special date.

“So here to win here after the soil court, I was, yes, emotional and keep me calm and confident.”

It’s incredible. Eleven titles in a Grand Slam tournament. ‘La Ecema’ literally picks Nadal into a historical area. No other man or woman has got an artist in open times.
At the age of 32, Nadal strengthens his inheritance at his most powerful level. After lifting the 11th trophy in Rolex Mont Carl Masters, with more than two months at Barcelona and Barcelona Openbe Saudabel, with another ‘ambassador’, Spencard won the Ronald Gars on Sunday. Apart from this, the ATP has been ranked during the 177 weeks inadvertently.

With victory, the mechanic paired the 17th Grand Slam Crown, which was recorded at the time of three runs Federer. In addition to 20, Nadal acquired three or more major titles after becoming the only fourth in the Open Array 30. It is a special club which includes Federation, Road Laurel and Can Rosewall.

Grand Slam title leaders

Player Grand Slam titles
(1) Roger Federer 20
(2) Rafael Nadal 17
(3) Peter Sopras 14
(T-4), Nikokovic 12
(T4) Rio Emerson 12
The second straight year for the year, the season of the unintegrated European soil leaves a strictly 24-1 mark. His only widow was a quarter-finals for the theme in the capital of Madrid’s home. But Austria was unable to find the formula that its Spanish opponent suffered twice a campaign.

Thomas made a tough fight with the first set of first 67 minutes in the first opener. Nadir defeated Austrian after breaking the break for 2-0, but the match had to maintain energy and pressure on the spain.

The second set proves to be two breaks and will get routine from there. In the opening game, after defending 0/40 losses, the third number will be decided for decisive breaks 2-1. He saved his twelfth Cop De Motors Trophy trophy by firing service winner on his fifth match point, two hours and 42 minutes.
Nadal said “Of course, when you have played many finals at a very moment, it is completely different every year, but it is true that there is a moment of moment where your conditions are already present.” “And when you’ve passed different times, you have the ability to better understand and improve the situation, at least to understand the moments of high stress and for the first time. is better.

“So, yes, in the second set I was tired. I did not fight much for some sports. I was easily with my service, though my game was very impressed.”

Nadal won 82% points on his first service, while half of the total return points (47%) claimed. Thom beat 34 winner (26th of the middle), but 42 were injured due to illegal mistakes.

World No. 1 extended its FedEx ATP head 2 bone series to 3-3, all their meetings are coming to dust. After a few years after releasing just seven games in his semi-finals, Nadal appreciated his movements. It is now 2-1 against this year, with the second victory in Monte Carlo quarter finals.

Most titles in a single tournament (open round)

Player tournament titles
Rachel Nadal Rolland Gares 11
Rafael Nadal Monte Carlo 11
Rafael Nadal Barcelona 11
Roger Federer Heli 9
The 57th earthquake of Nadal is a remarkable ground for a spanish title titled. Just three months ago, he was forced to return from the APPLICATION APPLICATION, due to the right hip injury in Acquilo, Indian Wells and Miami. And now, he leaves the soil court season with a loss of only five sets in 25 matches.

In addition, Nadal has announced the tournament, which is the fourth title of 2018 and may include Tham and Alexander Gaulov read more