Simone Help was made for a visit. It will start seven days before it needs it, after removing an important substance, dropped one of the two points and lost on Williamson, the best women in the transit. The parade was joined.

Putting No. 1 in position and seeded, after crushing his first Grand Slam title in the French winner, he had any doubt he realized how to result in The threat was so long to win the honor of its main point of view that Help himself “amateur” on Saturday after bowling in the All-rounder Club in the third round, Taiwan’s Soyai Wai 3-6, 6- 6- After defeating the last five commitment by defeating 4, 7-5.

Hep said, “I was just more negative than that, making it impossible for myself, I’m talking too much. I think when I was worn, I could not have been the center for each ball.” I was wearing. Physically, I feel tired. My muscles are not high. ”

For the Wimbledon history, none of the five best women’s seeds, does not come in the 16th round. One of the ten 10 seeds will be in real life only in the week: number 7 Crosina Pluscu. Former past Champion Serena Williams is in the grass-race competition. In the rest of the rest, only two other women also have the title of Grand Slam singles: England Carber has two, Jelena Olstenko.

It is to say, I will not be surprised yet, “the 2017 French Open Champion Ostenko won the 6th, 6th Vienna victory against Dichenko, who first hit five major championship Maria Maria Sharpova.” Continually, something strange is going on in the draw. ”

In this way, in the men’s section, number 4 seeds, Alexander Alexander, defeated 7-6 (2), 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-3, unfortunately by 6-0. Who has the capability of man man from 2012 to achieve the fourth round of Wimbledon.

However, for this situation, the clubs have already become remarkable seministists – they made in French Fox until 2014, but yet the development of wounds resulted in sliding their positioning. However, at the age of 21, the old Gaulov does not offer such a type of jump.

Something else, Rachel Nadal, Nik Jackkake and Juan Martin Del Potroro won a multi-day win in which England’s viewers engage in two things: football and sun. He took the mobile phones as England defeated Sweden 2-0 in Russia compared to the World Cup. The All England Club did not put this video on any video screen – and used sixth, fans and mesurizers to manage the heat. Get 90 degrees (32 cm).

Essentially, inspired by 5-2 driving in the third set. He does not win another entertaining.

He later said, “I tried,” to keep it as well. ”

Helip won a point 5-4 while Hesse served in 30-40. Nevertheless, the hazards established at the 48th position saved the winner from the strike winner.

In the last funeral, Hupp focused on two breaks, however, no change was ignored.

He asked when he could win the match, he replied that “I can not feel,” he stepped forward and proudly imposed. After completing the news, he completed a number of, completely hit the fun and to laugh himself.

He plays a serious tennis brand, depends on more and more drop-shots – which he said to help the fellow’s friends run “crazy” and his racket has two hands Tries to catch with hands and attacks.

The fourth is a remarkable competition in the best singles to get the equality of the round, despite the fact that they own two Grand Slam titles. What is more than this, she clearly praises her light, because Australia’s Open (two-time real champion Guardian Mavuzz) in each of her three rival trials, French Open (2017 Williamson semi-finalist Johanna Kota) and now, Wimbledon.

On Monday, in 2014, Australian Open Spritter will be dominated by Domica Sebelkova, who will be able to place a quarter in the quarterly quarters. Drop’s best 50% drop in the second round of over 16% drop: No. 12 badge Ostenkoo 50 runs as Alixandra Sossovich, who first ww WWW Wimbledon champion Peter Kaffau. No. 14 Drea Casacina defeats Alison Vincent at the 47th position, against the second round of the championship Muguruza; and against Belinda Bakson in No. 11 career 56th position, which crushed a 6 Caroline Garcia in the first 6 Given.

Base part of the section of the match Monday: The 7th position against Champion Williams, 120th position qualifying Ericia Rodina; 52th position Pimaima Georgie, compared to No. 20 Cookie Beats vs Plateau; No. 13 Julia Gorgez’s 55th position in 35th position In the second position compared to Dona Week, which was banned in the first round of the American Open Championship Sloven Stephens in 2017 read more.