It’s summertime which means a trip to the beach and for those seeking a thrill, it’s time to find the best surf spots and hit the waves.

If you are ready to hang ten, let’s take a look at some of the top 5 locations for surfing in the world.

Where Are the Best Surf Spots?

Some cities are better for surfing than others due to their wind patterns, tide schedule, and terrain. The conditions aren’t always the most important thing though, you’ll also want a city that is accommodating.

1. Huntington Beach, CA

Also known as “Surf City USA” you can’t beat the seaside city of Huntington Beach, CA. With 9.5 miles of sandy beach, warm climate, beach culture, and excellent surfing its hard to find a better place to put your board in.

Huntington Beach has four different facing beaches, Northwest, West, Southwest and South. For those who prefer longboards, the Northwest beaches are ideal, and shortboards are best suited by the Huntington Beach Pier on the south. The Pacific Ocean tends to run cold, so it’s best to wear a wetsuit so you can remain comfortable and stay in the water longer. Find out more information about what type of wetsuit is best for the conditions at Huntington Beach.

2. Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Australia and is one of the best places for surfing.

The beach has different styles of waves depending on where you are located, so its the perfect spot for surfers of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced. There are also surfing schools to teach newcomers how to land a wave, and teach you the proper etiquette when surfing with others.

There are also rental shops if you don’t have a board and plenty of restaurants for when you have worked up an appetite. It’s no wonder Bondi Beach is so popular.

3. Teahupo’o, Tahiti

Due to its location off the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti gets great surfable waves year round.

Teahupo’o is a surfers paradise with seven great spots in a five-mile span, each with their own style of breaks so there is something for everyone. The beautiful resorts in this region make it the perfect location for everyone to come and relax while enjoying the surf.

4. Tavarua Island, Fiji

Tavarua Island is perfectly located on the South Pacific for swells coming off the Southern Ocean.

There are seven unique wave patterns near Tavarua Island and it’s famous for the world-class Cloudbreak wave. Cloudbreak can vary between two to twenty feet swells and is perfect for serious surfers who are ready to take it to the next level.

5. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Known as the “Mexican Pipeline,” the swells of Puerto Escondido can vary from four to twelve feet high and tend to pack and intense, powerful punch.

This is one of the best surf spots in the world because the surfing here varies enough to keep things interesting, the landscape is beautiful and best of all the food and resorts are very affordable.

Grab Your Board and Hit the Waves

Grab your board, get out there, and check out some of the best surf spots in the world.

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