S. Petersonburgh – The interference interference in Belgium and France was dependent on, even by increasing the competency of two qualifications, a collective phase, an interesting setting like Kazan and Roosto-On-Dawn and angry round opposition like Leonard Meysey and Normer. Were there

Even between Europe and Russia, their adventures and the last World Cup limit was never inevitable. French was liked, however, there was no connection with all aspects of improving their liquids regularly. Belgium compete against Japan, two goals, half half, and then the second half increase from Brazil.

In any case, they are upset. Additionally, this half-canon, after which their history and endangered problems, teachers, bids and banners are also delicate and prohibited football relationships. Here will be part of this field in the Christopher Stadium for the end of Tuesday’s end. The wires will be left. Clearly, Petitio will be claimed in the question. And then the last July 15 is the most part of the World Cup.

Speaking about the joint public interview already on Monday, French Commander Hugo Lacee admitted, “Really, this is an extraordinary match.”

There are some questions in the field. Belgian will go with 4-3-3 which is with Brazil? How will Roberto Martinez handle the suspension of Thomas Mayer’s suspension? Is the Priority Grid’s commitment sufficient as a goal and as a facilitator for the French side whose invaders seem to be slow against the groups concentrating on resistance?In any case, there are no internal facts.

Lacey said, “We know them well well.” Besides, they know us well. ”

Golevar, who plays for Tothhamham’s hottest part, shares the Lock Locker room with three million people in the last season, which will include rivals of Toby-Adroirid, John Wattongen, and Moussa Dam on Tuesday. What’s more, Leonard noted that he is also used to play with the goal of 16th St. Nickel Chile, which is currently in West Buromwich Albon. Usually, in Belgium and France, 17 out of 46 men play in England, and Manchester United, Chelsea and Champion Manchester City are among the two players.

For example, a Chelsea Institute meeting is usually less than usual. It includes Belgium’s Prophethood Coros, Eden Risk and Mimi Batsau, and Grid and An Golo Cant of France. Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint Greermen and AS. Monaco, also won players from both the players of the previous season last year and with different clubs and ran in each other.

“I feel that there is a clear understanding between the two teams,” Paren said on Monday. “Many players have a chance to play regularly against each other in their groups. A part of the players participate in the changing areas. So I think this is ideal model, so you get an engagement to eliminate it. May have to be done. ”

TOPSHOT – England’s defender Harry Maguire (R) heads to score the opener during the Russia 2018 World Cup quarter-final football match between Sweden and England at the Samara Arena in Samara on July 7, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / EMMANUEL DUNAND / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – NO MOBILE PUSH ALERTS/DOWNLOADS

Hisier colleague, Didier Deschamps said, “idiosyncrasy is that there are many players on my group who face their own club colleagues. This is the priority of both sides.”

At present he has a face that is popular as it is famous. There was no need for any endangered visit to this end, however, in Henry Henry, that it is convinced and notable. Deschamps are the only two variables to win the third person to win as a World Cup player and head guard. Martins, a spanner, can be the first to lead the country out of title. In any case, Henry is not doing any class for what he is doing. He is a lace bulge legend, is a world and European championship, and as Leonus bestowed on Monday to remember his head, the scores of the national group’s unwanted driver’s goals and second Most player playerIn addition, he is the companion of Belgium’s Belgian.

On Monday, Harry said that she would probably sing La Marseille, which I would normally find. “” They have not usually said on the French group. We know the players very well. We play a number with them. [Mangal], this may be some problem. However, he is now working for Belgium. To win This is his activity. ”

After his fourth full season with Henry Newly in 2014, with New York Red Bull, Henry resigned who was working on TV in England, and still tried to train at the end of 2016. Pay attention to circumcision and indicate that the direction associated with their guidance is associated with light for a while. He did not have any media in Russia, but on the same occasion Belgium TV said, “I’m the third adviser of T3- From the initial point I have said that there is a need to try to avoid killing everyone.” This is not Henry Henry. I’m here to encourage the supervisor and squad. The administrator is the person who will talk, I will try to improve it read more.