The summer transfer window has been closed on Thursday, but it still needs to be done before and after the last day?

Some of the top flight clubs can be with their business, while Manchester United and Johor Moheen – want to add more strengths before the 5-hour cut-off.

The new boss is already engaged in the Uni Emery Market, Lucas Terra, Scientific Papasthetologus, Stephen Liechtenstein, Brandy Leno and Mattegogo Gondozzi. But the criminals have to load the office before the last time, Amiri is his master’s biggest. According to Scheme sources, the Colombo Chamberes are joining a flame for a long time, while trying to sign Lukas Perez ahead of the West Ham Foundation.

Eddy Hue protected Leftbe Diego Rico and promised young assault David Brock, but looking for a midfielder and with clubs in the latest negotiations, hopes to sign a letter to Jefferson Lermen’s last time. . Lima can play holding role and slot in the right arm. Heißenford’s central bank, Chris Meepham, remains loyal but June after refusing to bid a bid, the offer is not possible at this stage.

Brighton signed the signing of Iran Winger Azarai Jahan Bukh for a record record fee in the 17th-fifteenth area, and although Chris Hugton himself declared himself a “versatile” player who will increase his attack options, The market stays for the protector. Seagulls now read in the Shuffle Union and Jack O’Connell failed to see Lam Moore’s view, but the local media linked them with a move to Wigan Dan Burnon.

Bass Sean Danny admits “crazy numbers in the seller’s market”, but he has signed Public Gibson with a £ 15m fee from Manglesbourg to the club. Danch is now looking forward to the growth of Midfield, but Net Net had to grow after breaking the proposed switch from Sweden. Golpeep Nick Pope has surged on a illegal shoulder and Danch has confirmed interest in the Heart Read More.