Citizen Mayor has spent the career of her career. Are you a good man or a bad man? He wants to dedicate NCAA laws to lose their jobs. He wants everyone to be in the organization according to the basic values. When he was working in Florida before the 2005 seasons, he was released from Belly to Belle Street when he announced his orders. In the Ohio state, he painted him on the wall at the Woody Heath Atlantic Center.

Today, there are two main issues like Mayor has left the pay administration while investigating Ohio’s state and when he knew about the domestic violence allegations against coach Zach Smith. When Mayor was a honest believer, he said that he did not know about the allegations that Smith did not treat his wife with respect.

If the mayor was not telling the truth, then? Will the Mayor be removed? He said that the corner of the phone which allows more than NCAA rules to ask for jobs should be removed. Although domestic abuse has not been reported against one of his jobs, though your employer has clearly felt the need for such a report. If Mayor did so, he has scored one of the best coaching carriers in college football because he can not enforce his allegedly sacred laws.

It’s a problem talking about the absolute. We still do not know who Mayor knew. Neither do we know what they knew. Life is in brown colors. How Smith Smith’s former wife Kottney has described as a repetitive voice to the reporter Bret Mackofff about the marriage of Zach Smith. Event Mayor acknowledged that he knew in Gainsey, Phil A. in 2009, when Smith worked for the mayor working in Florida, Smith told McMefif that the long-term mayor de factor, Harem de Ferry, Talking about charging a big battery charge.

So Mayor is a bad man, because Mayor’s wife and Courtney Smith published text messages and Mayor’s operation published by McFeffy and Courtney Smith’s wife was advised that Mayor told about a blame in 2015. ? Or is it more complicated? Smith was not arrested in this incident. Although Courtney Smith has called his police several times in Paul, Ohio several times, he has not been charged.

Zach Smith changed his Toyota bio #NotMe, and Smith’s lawyer has maintained their innocence and claimed that Smith will present evidence in the family court that is exceptional. This matter is dirty and complicated, and in the same city mayor, the coaches running to pay for opponents who may want to possibly be a little overlooked, now its work is on line.

Even though he is not going to be unbelievable people. Some coaches sell a lot of self because the story has played along with jobs, players, parents and their owners. Joe Patnino sold himself as a good teacher who did not want to play the game Jackie Sherries and Berry Swizzers. Hugh Frees sold himself as a rebel preacher. Mayor has presented himself a picture that does something to the right path, standing in opposition to those who do wrong.

It may be a danger to be smart than you. The more you can be holy, and then where are you? Louisville Coach Bobie Petrino should never be talking about the basic values ​​because we all have Google. Petrino is not being said hypocrites too. She is Bobby Petrino. During what you want, Mayor has sold a standard that dozens of employees and 110 to 22-year-old people are able to meet daily breakdown of human rights. So the fans of the mayor rivals helped him when he was forced to force the real events and his actions to be stolen.

Mayor has demanded criticism against the Florida players’ behavior, but it was absolutely right. He took part in the role of a winning team in Gainel. Sometimes their paid and dangerous youth earned a college degree and key to better lives. Thanks for participating in this program, Mayer helped the players to improve the players after the collapse of the college. Sometimes he did not steal his team’s dead girlfriend’s credit card. Mayor won two national titles but had to wound twice due to medical condition, which certainly could not help with thinking that the next phone would call.

In Ohio State, Mayor’s team has no more legal issues. He has expanded football programs after those lives to learn how to learn their players how to work for a job, manage funds and manage their mental health. Will help you get information about it. This is a very good fight process, and he will not support the mayor at all, though a worker also says that he knew about Courtney Smith’s allegations in 2015 and it showed that Mayor dismissed the appropriate report. I failed read more.